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How to Create Multi-Page Forms

Breaking long forms into multiple pages is a good way to achieve a higher form submission rate. By default, your new forms will have just one page.

Adding a Page

In the form builder screen, click on Add Field. Click on the last option - Page Break. page-break-2 With a new page added, your form should look like this: multi page form

Adding New Fields to Pages

By default, new fields are added to Page 1. Click on Page 2 to move our focus on Page 2. If you add a new field now, it will be added to Page 2. You can also move existing fields between pages. Click on the pencil icon to edit a field. Click on Move -> Page 2

Editing Page Names

Click on the page navigation buttons, just above our form, to edit the page names. edit-page-name Similarly, you can also edit the text of Next and Prev buttons.

Free Navigation

By default, your users will be able to freely navigate between pages, by simply clicking on the page buttons. The form will be validated when they click on Submit, and errors of each page will be shown. pages-error Alternatively, you can prevent users from going to the second page, if they haven't filled the first page: Go to Form Options -> Multi-Page, and uncheck Enable Free Navigation.