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Salesforce forms

Create dynamic forms for Salesforce that truly adapt to your company's flexible and growing needs.

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Create & update records

FormCrafts' powerful field mapping allows you to create and update records for all objects in Salesforce using forms.

  1. Work with any object type in Salesforce
  2. All changes happen in real-time
  3. Support for all Salesforce field-types

Learn how to use the form builder to create a new record and how to update an existing record using Salesforce forms.

Salesforce lead generation form example
Salesforce form record creation real time

Create and update related records

Work with related records

  1. Support for complex Salesforce relationships
  2. Mark actions as dependent on others

Salesforce allows you to create complex relationship structures between objects, and FormCrafts allows you to easily manipulate records for those relationships via forms.

Conditional logic

Use a set of conditions to trigger record creating and updating in Salesforce using FormCrafts' intuitive conditional logic builder.

Apart from triggering Salesforce record actions, conditional logic also allows you to:

  1. Show and hide fields
  2. Show and hide form pages
  3. Trigger redirection
  4. Set the value of other fields
  5. Disable the form

Learn how to use conditional logic using FormCrafts' form builder.

Salesforce forms conditional logic to create records

Dynamic picklists

Create picklists that pull live data from Salesforce. Our Salesforce picklists also allow you to:

  1. Add descriptions and photos
  2. Create option groups
  3. Create dependent picklists
  4. Enable real-time search
  5. Have no limit on option count

FormCrafts also has a Salesforce picklist builder that allows you to preview your picklist options and debug common issues while building your Salesforce form.

Learn more about Salesforce dynamic picklists

Form prefill

Prefill allows you to populate your form with existing data pulled from Salesforce. Other key features:

  1. Support for complex conditions to fetch records
  2. Prefill based on user input
  3. Fetch data from multiple related records

Learn how to configure form prefill in FormCrafts

Multi-page forms

Create multi-page forms to make your long forms less intimidating. FormCrafts' multi-page forms for Salesforce are feature packed:

  1. Turn any form into a multi-page form
  2. Use conditional logic to skip pages
  3. Add a cover page

Learn how to create a multi-page Salesforce forms using FormCrafts

Math calculations

FormCrafts has support for live math calculations which can be leveraged to create powerful forms like:

  1. Quotation forms
  2. Payment forms (using Stripe)
  3. Quizzes
  4. Estimates

Learn how to use math calculations in Salesforce forms using FormCrafts.

Salesforce opportunity record using form math calculations

Salesforce form create opportunity and attach file
Salesforce opportunity record with file attachment

File attachments

Add a file upload field to your Salesforce form. We wil send user uploaded files to your Salesforce records as attachments. Other features include:

  1. Multi-select file upload
  2. Upload progress bar
  3. Restrict files based on type and size

Learn how to attach files to records using Salesforce forms

Who can use powerful forms for Salesforce

Donation forms Fundraising campaigns Volunteer registration
Lead generation Webinar signup PDF download Email surveys
Event managers
Event signup Booth application Volunteer signup Suggestion form
Accounts & billing
Order form Subscription form Deposit form Service payment form
Customer experience
Event feedback CSAT survey Website feedback Internal feedback Product feedback
Application Program surveys Course feedback Progress report
Tender submission Employment application City surveys Local complaints
Everyone & everything else
People always surprise us with the Salesforce forms they make

Salesforce forms examples

You don't have to start your Salesforce form with a blank canvas. FormCrafts has dozens of form templates, including templates designed for specific Salesforce workflows. Templates are also an excellent way of getting a peek at how certain features like conditional logic or field mapping work. Here are some examples of Salesforce form templates with their use cases:

Lead generation form

You can create minimal or complex lead generation forms for Salesforce using FormCrafts. Here is one of our popular Salesforce lead generation form templates:

  1. Create a new Lead record on submit
  2. Minimal, elegant design
  3. Field mapping includes custom field(s)

Try a live demo of this form
or view more Salesforce form templates
or here is a step-by-step tutorial on building a Salesforce lead generation form

Quotation request

You can also make Salesforce forms that incorporate math formulas. Math formulas in forms can be useful in making quotation forms, payment forms, fee estimation forms, calculators, and quizzes.

Take this Salesforce quotation request template for example.

  1. Create a new Opportunity record
  2. Update calculations instantly on user input
  3. Pass math results to Salesforce's amount field
  4. Different options have different assigned values

Try a live demo of this form
or view more Salesforce form templates

Contact sales team form

Multi-page forms are one of the most loved features of FormCrafts. It allows you to create smart multi-page forms for Salesforce. Multi-page forms have many other features:

  1. Create a cover page with an introduction
  2. Show page progress
  3. Use logic to show / hide pages

Try a live demo of this form
or view more Salesforce form templates

Create case form

This form allows you to create a new case in Salesforce. A case could relate to many topics - shipping issues, device request, feedback, technical difficulties, etc ...

This Salesforce case form template has the following features:

  1. Create a new Case record
  2. Ask for type via an icon checkbox field
  3. Use conditional logic to show relevant fields
  4. Seamless layout

Try a live demo of this form
or view more Salesforce form templates

Case Study

Bankroll is a fintech compant that uses FormCrafts to create dynamic Salesforce forms, leveraging features like Salesforce form prefill, record updating, conditional logic, and multi-page setup.

I have used a lot of forms that integrate with Salesforce, [FormCrafts] is great with Salesforce, easiest form setup I have ever experienced, and support is excellent!
Danny Ferrara - CTO at Bankroll
Learn how Bankroll uses FormCrafts to create Salesforce forms →

How to create a Salesforce form

Let us learn how to create a Salesforce form using FormCrafts' dynamic form builder in three easy steps.

  1. Create a new form

    Create a free account here if you haven't already. On the FormCrafts dashboard click on New Form, select Blank or an existing template. Enter the form name and hit Enter.

  2. Add form fields

    Use the Add Fields button on the top-right corner of the screen to add some fields to your form.

  3. Connect to Salesforce

    Click on the Salesforce icon on the top-left corner of the page. Click on Connect and follow the instructions. Next, click on Records -> Add Action. Under (select object) select the record type you wish to create. Lastly, under Field mappings you would map your form fields to their respective Salesforce field.

Your form is ready. You can test your Salesforce form by clicking on Preview (top-right) and filling it out.

Why Choose FormCrafts?

  1. Easy-to-use

    We are obsessed with creating easy and intuitive interfaces, and this reflects in our product. FormCrafts is easier to use than its competitors, while still offering a larger feature-set.

  2. Official Salesforce ISV Partner

    FormCrafts is an official Salesforce ISV Partner, and is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.

  3. Security-first

    Security is more important today than ever before. FormCrafts was designed to be a secure solution from ground-up.

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