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HubSpot has a default forms module, under Lead Capture. While they are okay for simple forms like a basic HubSpot contact form, they fail to shine when you need advanced functionality.

For example, in HubSpot you cannot:

  • Use advanced styling and customization
  • Create a multi-step form
  • Use nested dependent fields
  • Easily add a payment field

Some of these features (especially a multi-step form) can make a huge difference to a business. HubSpot speaks highly of multi-step forms themselves.

If you want advanced form features, it makes sense to look at non-HubSpot form alternatives.

Why use non-HubSpot forms?

Using non-HubSpot forms does involve adding another tool into your toolbox. While there is a small learning curve, it pays for itself several times over in the long run.

In this guide, we will learn how Formcrafts can help you create amazing HubSpot forms with advanced features, and for free.

Yes, Formcrafts has a free-forever plan, with includes our HubSpot integration!

Styling and customization

Formcrafts gives you complete control over the styling of your form, while ensuring they look pixel-perfect on every device. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, use custom fonts, change color schemes, add form backgrounds etc ...

You can use the Rich text field to add text, lists, images, and videos anywhere on your form.

Form styling and customization panel
Styling and customization

Create multi-step forms

This is the killer feature. Multi-step forms can take your HubSpot conversion rates to the next level.

As of now default HubSpot forms don't support multi-step forms. The workaround they recommend involves creating two separate forms and redirecting users to form #2 when they finish form #1.

Formcrafts allows you to create true HubSpot multi-step forms with a single click. Other features in Formcrafts' multi-step forms include:

  • Add a welcome step with text and images.
  • Show form progress
  • Use conditional logic to skip steps
  • Use dependent fields across steps

Learn how to create multi-step forms →

Nested dependent fields

Formcrafts has support for nested conditional logic, with any level of depth. This is a powerful tool for creating truly dynamic forms.

You can also use Formcrafts' conditional logic to trigger integrations (like HubSpot) conditionally.

Example, Create a Lead in HubSpot if Issue Type is Sales Inquiry.

Survey forms in emails
Survey forms in emails

Email embeds

You can embed forms in your HubSpot's email marketing campaigns. This allows your users to start the form right from their email, and continue on the website.

  • We record partial feedback
  • Run advanced analytics
  • Track engagement for each field

Learn more about email forms →

Types of forms you can make

Formcrafts has a deep two-way integration with HubSpot. We support a variety of HubSpot objects, including contacts, deals, tickets, and timeline events.

If there is something our integration cannot do, let us know.

HubSpot contact form

Formcrafts is ideal for creating contact or lead generation forms for HubSpot. We have support for basic as well as custom fields.

Formcrafts uses HubSpot's Forms API which makes it possible to track the visit history of respondents.

  • Create or update contacts
  • Compatible with HubSpot form automation
  • Built-in source tracking
  • Support for HubSpot's tracking cookie
  • Support for all field types

Learn how to create a HubSpot contact form →

Create HubSpot contact via external forms
HubSpot contact created via Formcrafts

HubSpot deal form

Your lead generation form can automatically create new deals in HubSpot. You can select the deal information, amount, pipeline, and even custom fields to map.

  • Create new deals, or update existing ones
  • Set pipeline and stage
  • Support for all field types
Create HubSpot deal via external forms
HubSpot deal created via Formcrafts

Service hub ticket

You can use Formcrafts to create a HubSpot service ticket form. Formcrafts will create new service tickets in HubSpot's Service Hub on new responses.

  • Create new tickets, or update existing ones
  • Set pipeline and stage
  • Support for all field types
Create HubSpot service ticket via external forms
HubSpot ticket created via Formcrafts

HubSpot timeline event form

Formcrafts can create timeline events on new or existing contacts' pages. This works well for creating HubSpot NPS surveys, or HubSpot customer satisfaction surveys.

Create HubSpot deal via external forms
HubSpot deal created via Formcrafts

Real examples

Let us look at some real-world examples of how you can use Formcrafts to create amazing forms for HubSpot.

Coworking space inquiry form

Use this well-designed form template to allow potential customers to inquire about your coworking space. Collect personal info, preferences, and schedule demo days in a streamlined manner.

You can integrate this form with HubSpot to create new contacts or deals for incoming inquiries.

Screenshot of a coworking space inquiry form template

Mobile app feedback form

Gather valuable feedback from mobile app users with this well-designed and easy-to-use feedback form. Get insights on user satisfaction, app performance, and suggestions for improvement.

You can configure this form template to store newly received responses as timeline event items on existing contact records.

Screenshot of a mobile app feedback form template

Sharing your HubSpot forms

Formcrafts offers several ways to share your forms, with varying levels of customization. Learn more about sharing your form here, or read below.

Share a link

The easiest way to share your form is using the unique and customizable form link, which looks like:

Learn more about sharing a form using a link →

Share your form using a link
Share your form using a link

Embed inline on a page

You can also embed your form on any website or page using the simple inline embed code, including HubSpot websites and HubSpot landing pages.

Learn more about embedding forms on a HubSpot page →

Embed your form inline on a page
Embed your form inline on a page

Embed as a popup

You can also embed your form as a popup on a page, using a simple embed code.

Learn more about popup form embeds →

Embed your form as a popup on a page
Embed your form as a popup on a page

What do others think?

Formcrafts is the highest rated form builder on the HubSpot marketplace. We do not offer incentives for reviews, and all reviews are from real users.

You can read all the reviews on the HubSpot marketplace here ↗

Formcrafts has been such an excellent tool to collect leads from our website and landing pages to send to HubSpot. We can fully customize our forms to align with our brand guidelines ... Conditional logic is by far our favorite function - Easily integrated on your website or landing pages Annabel Lemmey
Formcrafts' rating on the HubSpot marketplace
Formcrafts is fantastic ... Formcrafts works very easily and their support has been phenomenal. Adam Ashby-Clarke
Works like a charm. Best experience with Multi-step forms and Popup-Forms ... Formcrafts is by far the easiest Integration to setup forms and sync them to HubSpot. Florian Kappert

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