Email forms

Create and embed interactive forms in emails

FormCrafts is the only form builder that allows you to create
and embed forms directly in emails.

Don't drag your users to forms. Take the form to them.

One-click submit

  1. Fill the form in email and hit Submit
  2. Get redirected to Thank You page

Most forms can be filled and submitted entirely in the user's email client. This could include feedback forms, surveys, market research, application forms, etc ...

Feedback email form in Gmail and Apple Mail
Email form thank you page

Page 1In their email
Multi step survey form in emails
Page 2Continued in browser
Multi step survey form in emails 2

Multi-page forms

  1. Fill Page 1 in email and hit Continue
  2. Get redirected to Page 2 in the browser
  3. Finish the form and hit Submit

This also works well with other complex forms (such as those with dependent fields), and complex validations.

Works everywhere

  • 90% see the full interactive form
  • 10% see the fallback form

Email clients like Outlook don't have support for multiple fields. No worries though. They can still see the fallback.

The fallback can be a form field or custom HTML (which could simply be a link to your form).

Gmail and Apple MailFull interactive form
Feedback form in Gmail an Apple Mail
OutlookFallback form
Feedback form in Outlook

Incredible templates

Coming up with designs can be hard. We have dozens of curated email form templates to help you get started. Survey email forms, application email forms, order email forms, feedback email forms, event RSVP email forms ... you name it.

RSVP email form template
Feedback form in Outlook
Customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) email form template
Beta user signup email form template
Research survey email form template
Stripe order email form template

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