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How to Embed Forms on a HubSpot Page

Creating a form

We have covered creating a contact form, creating a lead capture form, and creating customer surveys for HubSpot in our previous articles.

Now, we will learn how to embed these forms on a HubSpot website, or HubSpot landing page.

Copy embed code

In the form editor, click on Share → Embed on a page on the top of the page. Embed codes offer several configuration options:

Embed type: You can choose to embed your form inline, or as a popup which would appear when a user clicks on a button or link.

Form width: You can set the width of the form in pixels or percentage. Leaving it blank will make the form take the full width of the container.

Seamless: This option will remove the borders and background of the form, making it look like it’s a part of the page.

Center align: This option will center align the form on the page.

To copy the embed code, click on the Copy code button.

Embed on a page screen to get embed code

Edit the HubSpot page

You can embed the form in HubSpot website pages, or landing pages. In either case edit the page, and add a Rich Text block where you want to embed the form.

Click on this block and go to Advanced → Source code. Now paste the embed code you copied earlier, and click on Save changes.

HubSpot page editor with Rich Text block

Preview the embedded form

Click on the Preview button on the top right corner to see how the form looks on the page.

This is how an inline form would look on the page.

HubSpot page preview with inline embedded form

If you have chosen a popup form, it would look like this, once you click on the button or link.

HubSpot page preview with popup embedded form