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Using the Test Mode


Test mode is a sandbox environment that allows you to test your form without affecting your live form. Test mode affects how your form looks, what information you see on the form, and how form responses and analytics are stored.

Previewing your form in test mode

When editing the form simply click on Preview on the top right corner of the form builder. This will open the form in test mode. The form URL will include ?test=true and you would see a Test mode banner on the top-left of the form.

The test mode form is a copy of the live form, but includes unpublished changes. In test mode you would be able to view hidden fields and their associated value.

Responses and analytics

Form submissions and analytics captured in test mode are stored separately from live form submissions and analytics. This means that you can test your form without affecting your live form data.

When previewing responses and analytics you can toggle into test mode using the toggle switch on the top-right corner.

Viewing responses and analytics in test mode
Viewing data in test mode