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Creating Forms for Salesforce


Formcrafts is a powerful form builder that allows you to create smart forms for Salesforce . Our integration with Salesforce is comprehensive and allows for two-way data flow.

Let’s see what you can do with Formcrafts and Salesforce.

Record creation

You can create forms in Formcrafts that will create new records in Salesforce, or update existing records. This also works with related records.

We support the following actions:

Create: Always create a new record. Example, a contact us form that creates a new Contact record in Salesforce

Create (if): Create a new record if one doesn’t already exist. Example, a class registration form that creates a new Contact record if the email doesn’t already exist in Salesforce.

Create or Update: Create a new record if one doesn’t already exist, or update the record if it exists. Example, a lead generation form that creates a new Lead record if the email doesn’t already exist in Salesforce, or updates the record if it exists.

Update (if): Update the record, if it exists. Example, a case update form that updates an existing Case record in Salesforce.

Lookup: Simply lookup a record, and store it’s Id as a reference to be used later on.

Record manipulation can be conditional. You can create Salesforce workflows that only trigger when certain conditions are met.

Example, you can trigger a Contact record update only when the user has checked the Update my details field in the form.

Form prefill

You can prefill / pre-populate form fields from any record in Salesforce.

You can, for example, include a record ID in the form link and then configure the prefill feature to populate the form with that record. This is static prefill.

Another example: you have a dropdown field in your form with a list of contact records. If the user selects a record from that list you can populate the form fields with that record. This is dynamic prefill.

Learn more about Salesforce form prefill.

Dynamic picklists

Dynamic picklists are a type of form field that fetch options from Salesforce in real-time. The data source could be a Salesforce object, a custom SOQL query, or a picklist field.

Dynamic picklists have other feature too:

  1. Unlimited options: There source in Salesforce can have any number of options. Formcrafts uses smart logic to fetch options in chunks, so you can have thousands of options without any performance issues.
  2. Searchable: Options can be searched by the user. Example, if the user types in "Max" in a picklist, the picklist will fetch and show all options that contain "Max".
  3. Option description: In addition to a text label your options can have a description. This is useful when you have a large number of options and you want to provide more information about each option.
  4. Option groups: Options can be grouped. Example, you can have a picklist of countries, and group them by continent.
  5. Multi-select: You can enable multi-select on your picklist field, allowing users to select multiple options.
  6. Dynamic query lookup: You can use a SOQL query to fetch options from Salesforce. However, this query itself can be dynamic, based on the user's input in other fields. Example, you have a field that allows user to select a department, and another field that allows user to select an employee. The employee field will fetch employees from the department selected in the first field.

Learn more about creating dynamic picklists.

Using multiple features together

The above features play well together.

Dynamic picklists + prefill fields + update record

You could create a Select Account field in your form which lists all the Accounts in your Salesforce organization. When a user selects an account from this list you could populate the form with that record. You could then use the record creation feature to update this record with new information when the form is submitted.

Conditional workflows + record creation

You could create a contact us form that creates a new Contact record in Salesforce, but only if the user has checked the Subscribe to newsletter field.


Any questions? You can contact us via the ”?” button on the bottom-right corner of your Formcrafts dashboard .

You can also contact us here.