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Privacy Mode

This feature can be enabled on the form editor page, under Settings → General → Privacy mode.

What is privacy mode

The regular flow of a form submissions is something like this:

  1. The visitor fills out the form in their browser.
  2. On submit, the data reaches Formcrafts' servers where it is processed.
  3. If your form uses workflows (like third-party integrations, email notifications, etc.), the data is sent to the respective services.
  4. The data is then stored in Formcrafts' database.

Enabling privacy mode will skip the last step. This means that form responses will not be stored in Formcrafts’ database.


  • Improved compliance
  • There are multiple records of your data
  • File storage space is freed up in Formcrafts


Some important things to note:

  1. Your data will still be processed by Formcrafts’ servers.

  2. Privacy mode disables storage for form data, including any files uploaded on your form.

  3. Privacy mode does not affect analytics or form engagement data, since this data does not contain form data.