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Customizing the Form Background


You can set different backgrounds for your form using something we call Background Layers. You can configure the backgrounds of your form under Styling → Colors & Background.

Note that your welcome page can have a different background than the rest of your form. You can set the background of your welcome page under Styling → Welcome.


A background layer can be of the following types:

  1. Color: This allows you to set a solid color as the background for that layer.

  2. Image: You can set an image as the background.

  3. Pattern: You can set a pre-defined pattern as the background.

In addition, each layer has a property called Opacity. This property allows you to blend the layers together.

Let’s see how to use these components to create a background.

Simple background

The simplest background is a solid color. To give your form a green color go to Styling → Colors & Background. Click on Add layer under Background Layers. Select the layer type Color and pick a color.

Background layer with solid color
Form with solid color background

Similarly if you want an image for the background, change the layer type to Image and upload an image.

Background layer with image
Form with a background image

Complex background

Creating background layers helps us achieve things like:

  1. Having a background image with a color overlay to make the text more readable.

  2. Having a solid color background, but with a line texture.

Let’s see how to achieve these.

Image with color overlay

We will create two layers. The first layer will be an image, and the second layer will be a dark color. We will set the opacity of the color layer to 50%.

Background layers - image and color
Form with background image and color

Solid color with line pattern

We will create two layers. The first layer will be a solid color, and the second layer will be a pattern. We will set the opacity of the pattern layer to 50%.

Background layers - color and line pattern
Form with background color and line pattern

Background layers can be used to create a variety of backgrounds. You can experiment with different combinations to create a background that suits your form.