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Migrating to the New App

All accounts created after May 30 2024 are already on the new app. The legacy app is accessible via formcrafts.com/dashboard . The new app is available at app.formcrafts.com/dashboard .

If you are using the legacy Formcrafts dashboard, this guide will help you migrate to the new app. The new app has a modern interface, new features, and improved performance. Read more about the changes.

If you have any questions or run into issues with the migration, please contact us. We are working round the clock to ensure a smooth transition!


Your existing dashboard, along with all live data, is available at formcrafts.com/dashboard .

To preview the new app you can login here using your existing credentials: app.formcrafts.com/dashboard .

You will see all your forms, responses, and settings. Formcrafts periodically syncs data between the legacy and new apps.

Changes you make to organization settings or forms in the Default Workspace of the new app will be overridden by the legacy app every few minutes. This ensures that the legacy app remains the single source of truth, until migration. After migration, you can edit forms and settings in the new app, and the old dashboard would no longer be accessible.

If you want to test the new app prior to migration, please create a new workspace in the new app. Data in newly created workspaces will persist after migration.

Migration is irreversible. The legacy app will be retired in late 2024. We recommend migrating as soon as possible.

How to migrate

Formcrafts has replicated your forms and configuration to the new app. However, some custom workflows or functionalities might not work as expected in the new app. To ensure no downtime, we would test the new forms using these steps:

  1. Login to the new app , and visit the Default workspace.

  2. Click on a form to visit the form editor, and hit Preview. This would take you to the form preview page.

  3. Submit the form to ensure everything works as expected. If the form in your legacy dashboard was meant to send an email and create a Zendesk ticket, ensure that these actions are triggered in the new app as well. If there are any issues, please contact support.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the functionality, you can migrate your forms. To do this, visit the Migration page, and proceed.

  5. After migration, Formcrafts will automatically redirect old form links (formcrafts.com/a/123) to the new form links (app.formcrafts.com/123). Your embed codes would also work.

Post-migration steps

Highly recommended

  1. Please update your form embed codes. Migration can result in some styling changes, and affect functionality like form redirect. Updating the embed codes will ensure that your forms work as expected.

  2. If you are using Zapier with Formcrafts you will have to update your Zaps. Formcrafts offers a V2 of the Zapier integration, which should be used after migration.

  3. If you have embedded your forms on the Zendesk Help Center, and are using the feature where we automatically populate the form with logged in user info, you need to update your embed code and follow the directions here to use this feature after update.


  1. Please update your form links. While Formcrafts will redirect old form links to the new ones, it is recommended to update your links to the new form URLs.

Other things to note

  1. Form responses now have a unique id that is unique to the form. All response ids for new forms now begin at 1. Previously response ids were globally unique.

  2. Seamless mode (where form border is removed) is now controlled via the form embed code. Previously it was controlled via the form settings page. If you are using seamless mode, you will need to update the embed codes in use.

  3. User permissions are now handled based on a workspace. Previously you could assign permissions to individual forms. You might have to adjust user permissions after migration.

  4. If you are using SSO to login to Formcrafts please contact us after migration to update your SSO settings.