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Your Formcrafts Subscription

New accounts

You can create a free Formcrafts account by signing up here .

All accounts start with a organization trial, which gives you access to all features for a certain number of days.


You can upgrade your organization to a paid plan or switch between plans anytime using the Upgrade button under Organization → Billing.

Subscription upgrade section

Formcrafts charges you on a pro-rata basis, which allows you to freely switch between plans without worrying about the billing cycle.


Your subscription plan includes a certain number of form submissions per month. This is the total number of submissions across all forms in your organization, and resets once each month based on your billing cycle. Additional responses are charged at a small fee, depending on your plan.

Additionally, a certain number of users (or form collaborators) are included in your plan. You can add more users to your organization for a small fee. Learn more about adding users.

Plans also include storage for file uploads. You can clear up space by deleting old file uploads from your organization via the Uploads page .

Subscription usage section

On the billing page you can also view your monthly usage.

Free plan

Once your trial expires (and you haven’t upgraded to a paid plan), your organization will be downgraded to the free plan. You can learn about the differences between the free and paid plans on the pricing page .