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Redirecting After Form Submission


Form redirect takes your visitors to another web page once they have submitted a form. There are two ways to configure form redirect:

Default redirect

This option can be accessed on the form editor page, under Settings → General → Redirect on submit. Here you can enter the redirect URL and an optional delay in seconds.

Default redirect can be overridden by a workflow redirect.

Workflow redirect

You can add workflows on the form editor page via Workflows → Add workflow.

Using form redirect via workflows allows you to configure conditional form redirects. You can redirect users to different steps based on their input.

For example, we want to redirect the user to example.com/toronto-success if the user selects Toronto in the city field.

Using conditional form redirect
Using conditional form redirect

You can create multiple workflows to redirect users to different steps based on their input.

If the conditions are not met, the form will use the default redirect URL.