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Creating Forms for HubSpot

Why use Formcrafts?

Formcrafts is an alternative to HubSpot’s default form module. It offers features not available in HubSpot, such as:

  1. Multi-step forms
  2. Advanced styling and customization
  3. Detailed form engagement analytics
  4. Nested dependent fields
  5. Payments via Stripe

… and much more.

Creating forms for HubSpot

Step 1

Create a free account in Formcrafts to get started.

Step 2

Once you login to your account, you can follow one of the tutorials below to create a form in Formcrafts and connect it to HubSpot:

Create a HubSpot Contact Form

Create a HubSpot Lead Capture Form

Create a HubSpot Customer Survey

Step 3

Once you have created your form you can explore different ways to share or embed it:

Share forms via a link

Embed a form on a HubSpot page

Embed forms in emails

Source tracking

Formcrafts will automatically track the source of the submission in HubSpot. This means you can see where the submission came from, such as organic search, or a specific ad campaign.

Source tracking uses utm parameters in the URL.

Visitor tracking

When you embed your forms on a HubSpot page, Formcrafts will automatically attribute the form response to the visitor’s contact record in HubSpot. This means you can see which forms a visitor has filled out, and when they filled them out. This feature uses the ‘hubspotutk’ cookie to identify the visitor.

Note: this only works with the “Create contact” action in Formcrafts.


Any questions? You can contact us via the ”?” button on the bottom-right corner of your Formcrafts dashboard .

You can also contact us here.