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What are Zendesk CSAT surveys?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys are a commonly used tool in customer experience management to measure how satisfied customers are with a company's products or services. CSAT surveys help businesses to understand their customers’ needs, expectations, and feedback, and to improve their quality and performance.

Since Zendesk is a support ticketing software it makes sense to send CSAT surveys to customers who requester for support via Zendesk.

Limitations of default Zendesk CSAT ratings

Zendesk offers a built-in CSAT ratings module which can be enabled. It allows you to send surveys via triggers. It has some limitations:

  • Zendesk CSAT surveys have a generic design and offer little flexibility
  • Little to no customization in terms of questions
  • Only two feedback options - good or bad
  • Limited ways of asking for more information

Why use FormCrafts

FormCrafts is an approved Zendesk marketplace vendor (you can view our marketplace listing here) that allows you to create powerful forms that integrate with Zendesk.

Zendesk CSAT survey forms created with FormCrafts have loads of features:

  • Advanced styling and customization options
  • Flexibility in how feedback is collected
    Example, a generic good / bad, or a score on a scale of 1 to 10
  • Large field-type selection
    Choose from over 19 field types, including fields designed specifically for surveys like smiley rating, star rating, image rating, etc ...
  • Embed forms directly in emails
  • Conditional logic to hide / show fields based on conditions
  • Support for multi-page CSAT forms

We will use this guide to create powerful and truly well-designed Zendesk CSAT rating surveys, which are also sent via Zendesk triggers. Also, you these surveys report back to the original ticket in Zendesk which means you can view insights in Zendesk or Zendesk Explore.

Try a Zendesk CSAT survey in your email

We will send a sample Zendesk CSAT survey to your email. We don't store your email. Promise.

Why build Zendesk CSAT surveys with FormCrafts

Styling and customization

  • Match your brand styling
  • Add logos and images
  • Built-in colour schemes
  • Use custom CSS
  • Support for Google fonts and custom fonts
  • Custom 'thank you' message with images
Zendesk ticket form with advanced styling and customization
A ticket form that matches your brand
Large selection of Zendesk ticket fields
Choose from over 19 fields

Large field selection

  • Rating field
  • Smiley / emoticon field
  • Checkbox field (with images)
  • Image / text fields
  • Over 19 field types in all

Learn about all the form field types here.

Embed entire forms in email

FormCrafts is the only form builder that allows you to embed multiple fields (including text fields) directly into emails, taking your Zendesk CSAT surveys to the next level.

Give your users a seamless one-click experience.

Zendesk CSAT surveys in email
Zendesk CSAT surveys in email
Share FormCrafts' surveys via Zendesk triggers
Share CSAT surveys via Zendesk triggers

Share via triggers

  1. Copy the embed code in FormCrafts
  2. Paste the embed code in your Zendesk trigger
  3. End user receives a survey

View ratings in Zendesk

So you want to keep your data in Zendesk, and analyze it using Zendesk Explore? Done.

We send your Zendesk CSAT survey ratings along with comments back to your ticket.

View your CSAT ratings in Zendesk
View your CSAT ratings in Zendesk
CSAT surveys that create internal notes in Zendesk
Create internal notes in Zendesk

Comments and tags

  1. Use surveys to update existing tickets.
  2. Add comments (public or private)
  3. Add tags to tickets
  4. Update custom fields

What Do Others Think?

FormCrafts is one of the highest rated apps on the Zendesk marketplace and the preferred way to create Zendesk CSAT surveys.

We have used the FormCrafts / Zendesk integration for a few years now. We are very happy with it. The integration is seamless, and the forms are very robust and easy to set up. We have seen FormCrafts make several upgrades and improvements throughout the years, which means they are dedicated to providing a top-notch product.

Jennifer R.

We tried multiple form creation services and were thrilled when we found how easy, clean and robust the FormCrafts service was. It has been a joy to use and makes our business more efficient.

Adam Boushley
Zendesk marketplace reviews for FormCrafts
Zendesk marketplace reviews for FormCrafts

How to Create a Zendesk CSAT survey

  1. Create a new form in FormCrafts (ideally using a CSAT survey form template)
  2. Enable the Zendesk integration and map form fields to Zendesk
  3. Copy the email embed code for the Zendesk CSAT survey
  4. Create a Zendesk trigger and paste the embed code in the body of the email

You can read our detailed guide on using FormCrafts to create Zendesk CSAT surveys here.

Looking for Zendesk CSAT Email Templates?

Our team has curated 5 excellent CSAT survey email templates you can use with your Zendesk CSAT emails. You can view the email templates and also download the embed code here.

Zendesk CSAT email template #1
Zendesk CSAT survey email template
Zendesk CSAT email template #2
Zendesk CSAT template minimal #2
Zendesk CSAT email template #3

Need help with your Zendesk CSAT Surveys?

If you need assistance with your forms you can contact us via the contact form (top-right corner) on your FormCrafts dashboard.

We are also available on live chat during business hours (Eastern time).

We have a plethora of Zendesk add-on documentation here as well.

FormCrafts is an official Zendesk app partner and you can view our listing and reviews on the Zendesk app marketplace.

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