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Short customer satisfaction survey

Collect valuable feedback from your customers with this short customer satisfaction survey. Allow customers to give a rating, and ask if they would recommend the establishment to a friend.

3 fields
'Short customer satisfaction survey' form with various input fields and a submit button
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Rating analysis

Form insights help you understand how people interact with your form. For this customer satisfaction survey template, tracking how customers rate your food can guide improvements.

Monthly trends in ratings reveal patterns, allowing restaurant owners to adjust menus and marketing. Use this data to enhance customer experience and boost satisfaction levels.

Timeseries chart showing the rating distribution, average rating for each month, and a trend line for the field 'How would you rate our food?'
Timeseries rating analysis

Frequently asked questions

How do I share the survey with my customers?

After creating your survey, you can share it with your customers through a link. You can send the link via email, social media, or even embed it on your website. This makes it easy to reach your audience and start collecting feedback quickly.

Can I see the responses in real-time?

Yes, you can see the responses in real-time. As soon as someone completes the survey, their response will be available for you to view. This helps you stay on top of your feedback and act on it promptly.

How long will it take for my customers to complete the survey?

This survey is designed to be short and to the point, so it should take your customers only a few minutes to complete. Quick surveys are more likely to get responses, ensuring you get the feedback you need.

Can I export the feedback I receive?

Yes, you can export the responses you collect in various formats like Excel or CSV. This makes it easy to analyze the data, create reports, and share insights with your team.

Do my customers need an account to complete the survey?

No, your customers do not need an account to complete the survey. They can simply click on the survey link and start answering the questions right away. This makes it more convenient for them to provide their feedback.

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