1. Create a new form and add fields

On the FormCrafts dashboard, click on New Form and add a new blank form.

On the next screen, click on the Add Field icon to the top-right and add a couple of fields:

  1. custom text field
  2. one line input labelled First Name
  3. one line input labelled Last Name
  4. email field labelled Email
  5. one line input labelled Phone
  6. checkbox field labelled Tags
  7. submit field.

2. Enable ActiveCampaign

To enable ActiveCampaign click on Addons (top-left) -> Marketing -> ActiveCampaign -> Enable. On the popup window add the URL and Key. You can find these two values by logging into your ActiveCampaign account and going to Settings -> Developer.

Now we individually map the form fields to their respective ActiveCampaign columns, and our final mapping would look like this:

That's it. Our lead generation form is ready to be used. Click on Preview (top-right) to test it.