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A guide to creating awesome forms for Pipedrive

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Limitations of default Pipedrive web forms

Pipedrive has a webforms module that allows you to create simple forms. You can share your webforms via a link, or embed them on your website.

Pipedrive forms are basic, and suffer from some limitations:

  • Basic styling
  • No support for multi-page forms
  • No support for hidden fields
  • No support for conditional fields
  • No file uploads
  • Tiny selection of field types

We don't blame Pipedrive. Webforms are not their core business. This is where FormCrafts comes in: we are in the business of forms, and know how to do them right. With FormCrafts you can make Pipedrive webforms that have:

  • Nested conditional fields
  • Support for multi-file uploads
  • Large selection of field types
  • Easy to use form builder
  • Advanced styling and customization options
  • Multi-page form support

Build dynamic forms with FormCrafts

A well-designed and intuitive form can dramatically improve your conversation rates. For inbound leads a form is often the first point of interaction.

What can FormCrafts do in place of your Pipedrive webforms? Let's go in detail:

1. Styling and customization

Your Pipedrive webforms should match the stature of your brand. A cohesive brand design looks incredible.

  • Add logos and cover images
  • One-click color schemes
  • Use Custom CSS
  • Support for Google fonts
  • Add images and text anywhere on the form
Advanced styling options
Advanced styling options
Pipedrive form with dependent fields

2. Nested dependent fields

FormCrafts has a powerful conditional logic module that you can use to hide or show fields as needed.

You can create Pipedrive lead generation forms with nested conditional logic, any level deep. There is no limit to the number of logic steps or fields you can have in your form.

Learn more with our guide on using conditional logic in forms.

3. Large field selection

FormCrafts has over 19 different field types. Some interesting fields include:

  • Image selection or icon selection
  • Product showcase
  • Timepicker or datepicker
  • Smiley rating
  • Thumb rating
  • Star rating

While FormCrafts is ideal for making Pipedrive lead generation forms it is also incredible at making feedback and customer satisfaction surveys, thanks to our feedback fields, like smiley rating, thumb rating, and star rating.

Learn about all the form field types here.

Over 19 field types
Multi-page lead generation form

4. Multi-page forms

Multi-page forms separate the amateurs from the professionals. They allow you to create lengthy and complex forms and make them look easy.

FormCrafts does it really well.

Multi-page forms can also have cover pages. Cover pages can contain text and images. It's a good place to give an introduction to your form and provide some instructions.

5. Seamless form embed

You can embed our Pipedrive webforms on any website. You can also embed forms in 'seamless' mode where they will blend in with the surroundings and seem like a built-in part of your website.

You can also embed the forms in pop-mode and use any button or link on your page to trigger the pop-up form.

Embed Pipedrive forms on website
A Pipedrive contact form on your website
Pipedrive form workflows
Create powerful workflows

6. Complex workflows

FormCrafts has a powerful conditional logic module for your web forms. Apart from nested fields, our logic module allows you to:

  • Conditionally send emails
  • Redirect to different URLs
  • Trigger addons
  • Disable the form
  • Set the value of other fields

Example, if the customer wants a Demo we can ask for their requirements, and trigger the Pipedrive addon to create a new lead.

If the customer wants to leave Feedback, you can show feedback fields, and notify the admins at [email protected]

5. Template gallery

It can be hard starting forms from a scratch. It can be even harder having to choose from 5000 templates.

FormCrafts has a template gallery of well-curated templates, each of which brings something unique to the table.

Easy, isn't it?

Pipedrive form templates
Form template gallery
Pipedrive form insights
Get insight into your responses

6. Get useful insights

Make better business decisions with the data collected through your webforms.

  • Views and conversation rates
  • Location statistics
  • Average completion time
  • Field breakdown
  • Field drop-off rate
  • Average scores
  • Advanced filters

Different ways to share Pipedrive webforms

All forms come with an easy-share link like:

You can modify the link to something like:

You can even use a custom domain:

Learn more about creating custom form links here.

Easy form share link
Easy form share link

2. Embed on a website (inline)

You can embed the web forms on any website, including just about every CMS software out there. We allow embedding via our JavaScript code (you have to copy the code from the form editor and paste it on your website) or via our iFrame code, which works on the same principle. Between the two we recommend the JavaScrip code embed.

Learn how to embed Pipedrive forms on your website or in WordPress.

Inline form embed
Inline form on a website

3. Embed on a website (popup)

This is another cool feature. You can embed the form on your website, but it would only show up when the customer clicks on a link or button.

Pop-up forms have the advantage of being out-of-view unless called upon. FormCrafts won't load the form until the user clicks on the trigger button, which results in improved speed for your page.

Learn: how to embed pop-up forms on a Website.

Popup form embed
Popup form embed on a website

Need help with your webforms?

If you need assistance with your forms you can contact us via the contact form (top-right corner) on your FormCrafts dashboard.

We are also available on live chat during business hours (Eastern time).

We have a plethora of Pipedrive add-on documentation here as well.

FormCrafts is an official Pipedrive app partner and you can view our listing and reviews on the Pipedrive app marketplace.

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