How Can I Make my Forms GDPR Compliant?

1. Obtain Explicit Permission

You can add a checkbox field to your form, which contains your terms of use or links to them. The field should be set to required, and not checked by default.

Using explicit permission to collect data

2. Honor Right to be Forgotten

Your should give respondents a way to contact you in case they want their information erased. You can manually delete responses from the Responses page.

3. Collect What is Needed

Fields can be marked as required. We recommend that optional fields not be marked as required, since this gives the respondent an option to opt-out.

Fields can contain instructions and sub-labels which allows you to be more precise with your goals.

Using field instruction tooltips to explain your data collection goals

We recommend not leaving the label field blank, even if it is hidden. it would be an obstacle for respondents using accessibility devices.