Salesforce form templates

FormCrafts has a deep integration with Salesforce which allows you to create or update Salesforce records on new form submissions. Our integration also supports other features like dynamic picklists, form prefill, and math calculations. We have a curated selection of Salesforce form templates as well which you can explore below

Lead generation

  • Create a new Lead record in Salesforce
  • Use icons in the checkbox field
  • Map form fields to the Salesforce record

Submit a new case

  • Create a new Case in Salesforce
  • Lookup a Contact by email and attach to case if found
  • Issue type selection using icons

Request quotation

  • Create a new Opportunity record
  • Use math formulas to calculate a quote
  • Quote amount assigned to Opportunity

Contact sales

  • Create a new Lead record in Salesforce
  • Multi-page Salesforce form
  • Cover page with company logo