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  1. Typeform might slow down your website

    At FormCrafts we are crazy about design. Performant design, that is. We ensure that forms on our platform are lightweight, load fast, don't hog your customers' browser, and work smoothly while still having a ton of functionality.
    We decided to put Typeform's speed to the test. We created a no-frills multi-step feedback form with the same fields and parameters in Typeform and FormCrafts and measured their performance using Google's Pagespeed tool. Here are the results:Typeform form load performanceFormCrafts form load performanceTo summarize, Typeform:
    Took more than 2 times as long to load.
    Weighed 2.3 times as much.

    We did not expect those numbers. We just assumed that everyone cares about speed as much as we do.
    Slow forms will increase your website's load time, hurt revenue, and hurt your search ranking. We shouldn't have to stress the importance of being fast on the internet today. It really matters.

  2. Typeform has a rigid format

    The Typeform format (showing only one question at a time) is new and has novelty but it also has drawbacks. The format works well for short surveys, but feels unintuitive for application forms, order forms, or support forms. Right now there is no way to change the presentation format in Typeform.

    What's an alternative to Typeform's format then? Showing all the form fields on a single page is a tried and tested format, and pretty much irreplaceable in an informal setting. Imagine an application form where you have to ask 50 questions. Do you really want a form with 50 pages? Typeform thinks you do!

  3. Typeform has a very limited free plan

    On Typeform's free plan you can only have 3 logic steps, can't customize the thank you message, can't add hidden fields, and create only 3 forms. In contrast, FormCrafts has a generous free plan. We actually want you to use and get value from our free plan. Check out our pricing plans here. We offer higher limits than TypeForm.

    Typeform thank you screen
    Typeform's thank you screen cannot be customized on the free plan

  4. Typeform's paid plans are very expensive

    We never promote FormCrafts as a cheap alternative to Typeform, because we don't want to compete on price. However, Typeform's pricing is structured in a way that you almost always need the most expensive plan, with the lower-tier plans being red herrings. Team collaboration, question insights, and Google Analytics addon are only available on the most expensive plans as well.
    In FormCrafts we offer these features on all plans. Our goal is to provide you with better value and a well-rounded product.

    FormCrafts' plans also offer better value for money.

    Typeform pricing plans are expensive
    Typeform's latest price increase

  5. Typeform's conditional logic isn't easy to configure

    To make your form dynamic you need to use Typeform's logic jumps and branching features. Why two different things? Also, you really shouldn't have to use flow charts to make a form.

    As an alternative, FormCrafts is more intuitive and has a more powerful conditional logic module. If the user selects Option X then show Field Y
    You can also use conditional logic to configure emails, and trigger third-party addons. For example:
    If Signup for newsletter is Yes then trigger Mailchimp
    If Department is Sales then email

  6. Typeform takes longer to fill

    For a short contact us form with just 3 - 4 questions Typeform would work well. However, if your form is longer, like a job application form, it becomes unintuitive to navigate for each question. Typeform format adds considerably to the form completion time, so it might not be ideal for all form needs.
    We also saw earlier that Typeform takes longer to load. A higher load-time coupled with a somewhat unintuitive interface for forms means that your users would take more time to complete their forms.

  7. Typeform could affect your abandonment rates

    With Typeform's layout the user is able to see their form progress in numbers, but they don't know what questions are coming up, leaving them in the dark. We don't think that is a good strategy.
    The scrollbar is a staple of the modern web. We think that being able to scroll through the form is an important aspect of good design. Typeform takes over the scroll bar, and it feels very odd. Typeform's layout could increase the abandonment rate. Time to look for alternatives.

  8. Editing answers on a Typeform is difficult

    Filling out application forms is stressful and users often edit and fine-tune their answers before submitting the form. With Typeform's layout this becomes cumbersome, as switching fields is difficult and often hidden behind jerky animations. Being able to see all questions makes editing a lot easier. Unfortunately that isn't possible with Typeform.

  9. Typeform does not support multi-page forms

    If your form is very long then showing all the questions at the same time is also not helpful. We need a middle ground. How about a multi-page form? The first page gives users an intro to the form. The second page asks for personal information. The third page asks for work history, and so on ... This layout isn't possible with Typeform. You can view our template gallery to see what our multi-page forms look like, or see this example below:As you can see we grouped similar fields (like the fields asking for personal information) on one page. If you were to recreate this form in Typeform then each field would be a separate step in itself, making the form very long and un-intuitive to edit later on.

  10. You can't remove the Typeform branding

    Typeform does not allow you to remove the Typeform branding even on their paid plan, which cost $29 a month. The only way to remove the branding is to sign up for their expensive plan at $59 a month. Seeing a form provider's branding below the form and on the 'thank you' message can look unprofessional. It is an important feature, and in FormCrafts (like most Typeform alternatives) you can remove the branding on all paid plans.

  11. They really make you pay for custom links

    Who doesn't like a form with a custom subdomain. Custom links are possible with Typeform but they again require you to be on the $59 a month plan.
    With FormCrafts you can use custom subdomains and custom links on all paid plans. Custom sub-domains allow you to host your forms at unique subdomains like:
    Custom links take this a step further and you can give your forms unique links as well, like:

  12. Typeform does not offer refunds

    Yep. Typeform does not offer refunds. If you signed up for their annual plan and forgot to cancel it before the next renewal you won't get a refund, based on their FAQ.
    We stand by our product at FormCrafts and have a generous refund policy. We offer 100% refund for monthly subscriptions within a certain time frame and a % of refund for annual plans within a certain time frame. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

    Typeform refund policy
    Typeform's refund policy

  13. Typeform support might not be the fastest

    Last we checked Typeform had over 300 employees. Large companies like Typeform have support teams that often work in isolation with the product development teams. You might get quick replies but most likely your feature requests, bug reports, and other issues might not even make it to the team that develops Typeform's core product.

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