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  1. FormCrafts has a better design and interface

    Wufoo was one of the very first form builders. That was a long time ago. Wufoo's design philosophy hasn't changed since then. Wufoo's design looks old and outdated. One of FormCrafts' biggest advantages is its focus on design and user experience.
    Not convinced? Read more for examples.

  2. Wufoo is slow to adapt to change

    Large companies are notorious for being slow on changes, and being the subsidiary of a large company makes it even more difficult. Wufoo is owned by SurveyMonkey. The odds of your product feedback being implemented are rather low. Don't expect a lot of product updates either.

  3. Wufoo has a very limited free plan

    Wufoo's free plan doesn't allow file uploads, conditional logic, logo, confirmation email, redirects, payments, or integrations. That is too limited to get any good use out of. Unlike Wufoo, FormCrafts has none of those limitations. We actually want you to use and get value from our free plan. Check out our pricing plans here.

  4. Wufoo's form editor is difficult to use

    Every time you save the form in Wufoo it shows a pop-up with 4 options. To delete a field Wufoo wants you to type in DELETE to confirm. Saving a form can take seconds.
    Editing a FormCrafts form, on the other hand, is like working on a Google doc. Your form is saved automatically, and there are no annoying pop-ups.

    Wufoo form editor screen
    Wufoo's form editor screen

  5. Wufoo expects a certain level of technical knowledge

    We realized early on that people want forms that look good, work well, but are also easily customizable. The focus is on easily, since no one wants to learn coding to customize forms. Wufoo expects you to know your way around CSS and classes to access those customizations. A lot of Wufoo tutorials on how to do things end up in custom coding.
    FormCrafts was designed to be a dead-simple drag-and-drop editor with enough styling and customization options to be tailored to any brand or use case. We allow using custom CSS for the coding geeks out there, but you are not expected to have technical knowledge to use any aspect of FormCrafts.

  6. Wufoo's branding is over-the-top

    Compare a Wufoo form on the left, with a FormCrafts form on the right. A subtle form branding isn't harmful, but too much of it looks unprofessional for your business.

    Wufoo formFormCrafts CSAT form
    Wufoo vs FormCrafts forms side-by-side

  7. Wufoo is missing out on important features

    Forms have changed a lot over time, and images and icons play a bigger role than ever before. We recognize this at FormCrafts. We have checkbox fields that allow icon selection and image selection. Even dropdown fields at FormCrafts allow you to associate images with each option. Such features are missing in Wufoo.

    Modern form fields only seen in FormCrafts

FormCrafts logo FormCrafts Wufoo logo Wufoo


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posted by Nishant Agrawal,
founder of Subtle Web Inc (FormCrafts.com)