How to Create a HubSpot Ticket Form

Step 1

On the FormCrafts dashboard, click New Form. You can begin with a blank form. Enter the name and click Create Form.

On the next screen, click on the Add Field icon to the top-right and add a couple of fields

  1. custom text field
  2. one line input labelled Your Name
  3. email field labelled Your Email
  4. one line input labelled Case ID
  5. checkbox field labelled Urgency
  6. comment field labelled Issue
  7. submit field

Step 2

Click on Addons (top-left corner) → Marketing → HubSpot → Enable. Once enabled check the option Create Ticket. Now we have to map our form fields to their respective HubSpot ticket columns.

We map Your Name field to Ticket name. We map Response Summary to Ticket description. Using the words Response Summary will ensure that all the form response data is included in the ticket description. We also map Case ID to Case ID, which is a custom property in HubSpot.

Now we need to map Urgency to Priority, which is a checkbox field in HubSpot with several options, as you can see in this image:

We need to ensure the Internal Values (LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH) for options in HubSpot match with the option values in FormCrafts. We edit our Your Role checkbox field in FormCrafts and set these options under Options List:


The string to the left of == is the value, which matches the Internal Values in HubSpot.

Our mapping for this field (Addons → Marketing → HubSpot) would be this:

[Urgency.value] → Priority

Our final mappings look like this:

Step 3

Our form is ready. Click on preview (top-right) and fill out and submit the form to test it.