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  1. JotForm might slow down your website

    At FormCrafts we talk a lot about creating a good user experience, and performance is one of the most important aspects of that experience. Our forms are pretty fast. We know that.
    We decided to pit FormCrafts against JotForm. We found a simple multi-step feedback form template in JotForm (no images, simple fields) and recreated the same form in FormCrafts and compared their performance using Google's Pagespeed tool. Here are the results:
    JotForm form load performanceFormCrafts form load performance
    To summarize FormCrafts was about 2.3 times faster than JotForm. Speed is paramount on the internet today. Embedding slow forms on your website will increase your page load time, which can hurt revenues. Website load speed is an important factor in search engine ranking as well, so do consider it when looking for JotForm alternatives.

  2. JotForm has over 10,000 form templates

    Even a simple search for contact us results in over 500 form templates on JotForm. How is that a negative point? Because not all those templates are different or well-designed. A lot of them actually look like this: Form template design in JotFormIn contrast, FormCrafts has a much smaller collection of templates, by design. Instead of offering you 500 contact templates, we curate a smaller number of really good templates, each of them well-designed and serving a different purpose.
    Not convinced? Check out our JotForm alternative template gallery to see what we mean.

  3. JotForm has over 100 form widgets

    Over 100 widgets! Each widget is like being able to add a specialized field to your form. Except in many cases, it has the same fate as the templates - too much, but not good enough. One of the most common features used in FormCrafts is the autocomplete dropdown field. We tried to find a similar field type in JotForm and found about 4 different fields / widgets, but none of them actually did what we hoped.
    See the video:
    In FormCrafts the autocomplete feature is built-in with the dropdown field and works like a charm. You can add over 1000 options, search through them, associate images with each option, and select more than one option. How's that for an alternative?

  4. JotForm lacks conditional integrations

    Integrations are an important part of form builders, and JotForm has a large library of integrations. JotForm also has a powerful conditional logic module, but it's lacking a key feature: the ability to trigger addons conditionally.
    Say you create a signup form and connect it with MailChimp. However, you only want to add users to your MailChimp list if they check the option 'Subscribe me to updates'. This would not be possible with JotForm. FormCrafts makes for a good JotForm alternative since it does have support for conditional integrations.

  5. JotForm lacks a good form interface

    Design is subjective. However, there are aspects of good design that are rather universal. For the web that would include things like consistent whitespace, subtle animations, snappy transitions, color contrast, and UI interactivity. We created a feedback form in JotForm and here's what it looks like:

    It is a fine form but it seems to have some issues.
    1. There are no hover effects for survey fields.
    2. There is no mood rating field.
    3. Inconsistent whitespace.
    4. Success text animation is abrupt.
    Let's look at the same form created in FormCrafts as an alternative:
    How important is good design to you?

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