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Mortgage calculator form

Use this elegant form template to provide instant mortgage payment estimates to your visitors, and allow them to contact you for personalized advise. The template may look simple but uses a lot of advanced features like math calculations, conditional logic, and a multi-step layout.

14 fields
2 steps
Mortgage calculator form template

Calculated fields

This form uses Formcrafts' math calculations feature. It asks for basic mortgage loan inputs, and then instantly calculates the mortgage payments based on those inputs. The form can be further adjusted to include additional features like loan down payments in calculations.

Conditional logic

The form also uses conditional logic to show appropriate messages. Example, if the interest rate entered is too high the form will show a message noting that the interest rate is too high, and that the visitor might be able to secure a better rate.


The form uses a multi-step layout. The mortgage calculator appears on the first page. If the visitor wishes to contact a mortgage specialist they can hit "Next" and enter their details on the next page.

Advanced features

Field analysis

Field analytics offer insights into your audience's preferences. For mortgage consultants, seeing which house types are most popular helps tailor loan offerings and marketing, and look out for trends.

Field analysis for 'House type' field
Field analysis report
Template created on Feb 10, 2024 6:02 PM and last updated on Feb 26, 2024 8:21 PM