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Customizing Email Content

When a form is submitted, you can send email notifications to certain users.

  1. Email Notifications

    You can pre-define a list of such users in Form Options -> Email Notifications, or conditionally add them using Conditional Logic
    You can customize the content of emails sent to pre-defined, or conditionally added users, using Form Options -> Email Notifications.

  2. Autoresponders

    You can also send email notifications to users who fill your form.
    To send autoresponders, you need to add an email field in your form. In the field options for this field, click on the Email tab, and check the option Send Autoresponder. This will ensure that the email entered in this field, by the end users, will get an autoresponder.


You can customize the autoresponder email text by clicking on the configure link, next to Send Autoresponder.

Adding Custom Form Data to Emails

The emails discussed above can also contain data from the form submission itself. You use form data for a particular field, add the label of that field, enclosed in square brackets. Eg. [Name]

Some fields, like dropdowns and checkbox allow you to specify options in this format:

10==Option A
20==Option B

Here, 10 and 20 are option values, while Option A and Option B are labels. If the label of this field is, say, SomeField, and you use


in the email content, you would see 10, 20 in the email sent. If, instead, you want Option A, Option B to appear, use:


You can also use some pre-defined tags (case-sensitive):

[Form Content] All the form submission data
[ID] The unique ID for that particular form submission
[Time 12] The current time, in 12 hours format
[Time 24] The current time, in 24 hours format
[Page URL] The URL of the page the form was submitted from
[Page Title] The title of the page the form was submitted from
[GET variable]
e.g. [GET source]
You can use variables from the URL here. If the link to your form is
you can also use
Here, you can use the tag [GET source] to catch the value email_link