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How to Integrate SupportBee with FormCrafts

Step 1: Create a New Form

Create a new form, using our Customer Support Form template. You can start from a scratch too, but our template form looks pretty good. Customer Support Form

Step 2: Enable SupportBee

Go to Add-Ons -> Help Desk, and click on the enable button next to SupportBee. Enter your SupportBee subdomain, and API Key. You can find the API Key by logging in to SupportBee and going to Account -> API Token

Step 3: Map the Fields

You can use the dropdown menus to map the FormCraft fields to their respective SupportBee columns. If you haven't mapped some fields, you would still be able to see them by logging in to FormCrafts. supportbee If your form has a file upload field, the files will automatically be added to the support ticket created in SupportBee.

That's it. Now save the form, click on Live Preview, and try it out!


SupportBee is a help desk software to help your team collaborate on customer support.