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How to Integrate Highrise CRM with FormCrafts

Our Highrise CRM integration allows you:
  1. Add new contacts
  2. Update existing contacts
  3. Add tags, and notes to new contacts, or existing contacts

Step 1: Create a Simple Form

Create a new form, using our New Contact template. You can start from a scratch too. new-contact

Step 2: Enable Highrise

Go to Add-Ons -> CRM, and click on the enable button next to Highrise.

Step 3: Map the Fields

The Highrise tab should look like this highrise Enter your username, and API key. You can find the API Key by logging in to your Highrise account, and going to Account & Settings -> My Info -> API Token. We are now ready to map the fields between FormCrafts and Highrise. Select the relevant options from the dropdown, and click on Add. Our final mapping looks like this. It allows us to add a contact, and attach a note: highrise-map Note that we have checked the Update existing option. If a contact with the email address supplied already exists, the contact info will be overwritten. Tags, and notes, however, will be added, and not overwritten.

That's it. Now save the form, click on Live Preview, and try it out!