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What are Tags? How Can I Add / Remove Tags?

What Are Tags?

You can use tags to organize your form submissions. You can manually add tags to submissions using the submissions manager, or, more importantly, you can use conditional logic to add tags to form submissions when certain conditions are met.

See this example


Our form has a checkbox field, labelled Priority. It has three options: Urgent, Important, and Normal. If we use the above conditional logic, the tags urgent and support will automatically be added to our form submission when the user submits the form, with the option Urgent checked.

How is This Usefull?

What if you want to see all submissions with the tag? Go to Submissions tab, and enter tag: urgent in the search bar. It will show you all the submissions with the tag urgent.

Adding / Removing Tags

You can add tags using conditional logic (above), or manually under the Submissions tab in your dashboard.