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How can I Embed, or Share the Forms I have Made?

You can use the forms you have made by either sharing the form link, or embedding the form on your site.

Share Form Link

You can share either of the two links; both point to the same form.

Here, 123 is your form ID. Each form as a unique ID.


You can choose to customize the form link by replacing my-contact-form with any other string. This string has to be unique as well.

Embed the Form

In the Form Builder window, click on Use


Inline Form

The form will appear in line with the content. You can choose the alignment of the form - left, center, or right.

Modal Popup

This option will hide the form by default. The form will appear when a link, or button is clicked. If you select the Inline option, a simple link - with your custom text - will be placed. When the user clicks on this link, the form will open.

If you select the Left or Right option, a sticky button will be placed on the left, or right corner of the screen. The form will pop-up when the user clicks on this button.


Click here to see some examples.

Embed the Form On a WordPress site

If you have a WordPress site, you can use our WordPress plugin. This plugin will allow you to manage the forms and submissions right from your WordPress dashboard.


You will also be able to use the forms in your posts / pages, very easily