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  1. Typeform has a rigid format

    The Typeform format (showing only one question at a time) is new and has novelty but it also has drawbacks. The format works well for short surveys, but feels unintuitive for application forms, order forms, or support forms. It is also a very informal presentation, with no option to change that.

    #1 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  2. Typeform has a very limited free plan

    On Typeform's free plan you can only have 3 logic steps, can't customize the thank you message, can't add hidden fields, and create only 3 forms. We don't have those limitations. We actually want you to use and get value from our free plan.

    #2 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  3. try formcrafts's conditional logic

    Typeform's conditional logic isn't easy to configure

    To make your form dynamic you need to use Typeform's logic jumps and branching features. Why two different things? Also, you really shouldn't have to use flow charts to make a form. FormCrafts is more intuitive. If user selects Option X then show Field Y.
    You can also use conditional logic to configure emails, and third-party addons! If Signup for newsletter is Yes then trigger Mailchimp.

    #3 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  4. Typeform takes longer to fill

    For a short contact us form with just 3 - 4 questions Typeform would work well. However, if your form is longer, like a job application form, it becomes unintuitive to navigate for each question. Typeform format adds considerably to the form completion time. Typeform might not be ideal for long forms.

    #4 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  5. Typeform could affect your abandonment rates

    With Typeform's layout the user is able to see their form progress in numbers, but they don't know what questions are coming up, leaving them in the dark. Typeform's layout could increase the abandonment rate.

    #5 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  6. Editing answers on a Typeform is difficult

    Filling out application forms is stressful and users often edit and fine-tune their answers before submitting the form. With Typeform's layout this becomes cumbersome. Being able to see all questions makes editing a lot easier.

    #6 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  7. try formcrafts's multi-page form

    Typeform does not support multi-page forms

    If your form is very long then showing all the questions at the same time is also not helpful. We need a middle ground. How about a multi-page form? The first page gives users an intro to the form. The second page asks for personal information. The third page asks for work history, and so on ... This layout isn't possible with Typeform.

    #7 Typeform vs FormCrafts
  8. Typeform support might not be the fastest

    Last we checked Typeform had over 300 employees. Large companies like Typeform have support teams that often work in isolation with the product development teams. You might get quick replies but most likely your feature requests, bug reports, and other issues might not even make it to the team that makes Typeform.

    #8 Typeform vs FormCrafts
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