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Event feedback form

Use this multi-step event feedback form template to gather feedback on activities, ratings, and suggestions from participants. Capture essential information and also offer a disclaimer on data usage at the end.

18 fields
4 steps
Event feedback form template


This is a general-purpose event feedback template and can easily be adapted for specific events. It follows the recommended format of asking for personal information, then ratings, and followed by suggestions.

Advanced features

Field analysis

Field analytics enables you to understand the preferences and behaviors of your respondents more effectively. For instance, analyzing the data from "What was your food preference?" helps event organizers identify the most and least popular food options. By knowing which foods are hits or misses, organizers can tailor their menus more precisely, ensuring that the catering services align with attendees' tastes.

Field analysis for 'What was your food preference?' field
Field analysis report

Form engagement report

The 'Step engagement' analysis in the Event feedback form template provides valuable insights on how users interact with the form. This allows organizers to identify which form sections are engaging users, and where drop-offs occur. This information can be used to improve conversion rates.

Step engagement report for 'Event feedback form'
Step engagement report

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