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Employee onboarding form

Use this employee onboarding form template to collect essential information from new hires, including personal details, emergency contacts, health history, and tax and bank information. Organized into different sections for easy navigation, this form ensures a smooth onboarding process for both the employee and the organization.

24 fields
4 steps
Employee onboarding form template


This template uses simple input fields and choices to onboard employees. The form loads fast, and uses a multi-step layout to divide the questionnaire over several steps. Optionally you can show form progress to the respondent as they fill out the form.


This template provides a set of common onboarding questions, and can easily be tailored to your nature of business. Adding and editing fields is a breeze with Formcrafts' intuitive form builder.

Platform features

Field analysis

Field analytics offer important insights into user responses. Running an analysis on the diet preference field will give the HR team the data they need to plan amazing events.

Field analysis for 'Diet preference' field
Field analysis report
Template created on Mar 1, 2024 6:23 PM and last updated on Jun 4, 2024 1:07 AM