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Transaction dispute resolution form

Use this comprehensive multi-step dispute resolution form template to collect information about the transaction, including personal details, transaction specifics, supporting documents, and more.

28 fields
7 steps
Transaction dispute resolution form template

Conditional logic

This dispute resolution template uses conditional logic to make the form dynamic and reactive. The "Transaction type" question diverts the customer to the appropriate step, asking them questions specific to the nature of their transaction.

Confirmation step

The last step of the form neatly presents all the form information entered so far, allowing the users to confirm the information before submitting the form. You can make this step even stricter by adding a required checkbox field.


Field analysis

Field analytics helps identify trends and patterns. For the "Transaction type" analysis, it tells the bank which disputes occur most often, guiding them to improve services or direct consumer education efforts in that area.

Field analysis for 'Transaction type' field
Field analysis report

Form engagement report

Dispute and redressal forms are often long and thorough. Engagement analysis can help understand where customers are spending too much time, and where they are likely to quite. This information can be used to improve the form over time.

Field engagement report for 'Transaction dispute resolution form'
Field engagement report
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