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Software feedback survey

Use this comprehensive software feedback survey template to gather detailed feedback from users about their experience with your software. This multi-step form covers general information, usage and satisfaction, features and functionality, support and resources, and final thoughts.

26 fields
5 steps
Software feedback survey template

Unique features

Multi-step layout

This multi-step form template breaks down feedback collection into easy-to-digest sections, ensuring you gather comprehensive user insights while keeping the survey user-friendly. The sections are:

General information: Provides context about who's using your software and the version they're on.

Usage and satisfaction: Enquire about usage trends, and satisfaction with different aspects of the software.

Features and functionality: Get specific feedback on how users interact with features, identify the most used ones, and gather suggestions for improvement.

Support and resources: A section dedicated to questions concerning customer support and product documentation.

Suggestions: Capture valuable open-ended feedback and improvement ideas that may not be covered by other sections.

Beautiful, and nimble

This form template isn't just feature-rich, it's built for speed. Enjoy a smooth user experience with our optimized design that loads instantly (200ms for first time visitors!). Plus, the minimal aesthetic keeps things clean and modern, with a touch of bold design for visual appeal.

Integrates with other tools

Formcrafts has built-in, 100% native integrations with dozens of popular tools. You can connect with the software you use without having to rely on third-party duct-tape automations.

Salesforce logo HubSpot logo Zendesk logo and many more

Rating analysis

Our rating analytics help you understand how users feel about your form, over a period of time. For this "Ease of Installation" chart, software developers can see if users find their software easy to set up and look for trends. For example if we have an active project trying to improve the installation we track if it also reflects in the rating over time.

Rating analysis for 'Ease of installation' field
Rating analysis report

Common questions

What format is the template available in?

This template is an online form. It allows you to easily share the form using a simple link, and manage responses in a centralized dashboard.

Can I customize the template?

Absolutely. You can add or remove any fields. You can even add rich media, like images, videos, and more. You can also change the colour scheme, add logos, and background images.

How do I collect and analyze the feedback data?

A form isn't of much use on its own! Formcrafts provides a comprehensive solution to collect and analyze your data.

How can I ensure my feedback form is GDPR compliant?

Here's how Formcrafts ensures your data remains safe and secure:
1. Industry standard SHA-256 encryption
2. Secure EU servers (GDPR-compliant)
3. No tracking cookies (we hate them too)

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