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Mobile app feedback form

Gather valuable feedback from mobile app users with this well-designed and easy-to-use feedback form. Get insights on user satisfaction, app performance, and suggestions for improvement.

  • Minimal desig
  • Multi-step layout
9 fields
3 steps
Welcome step of 'Mobile app feedback form' with an illustration, introduction text, and a 'Start' button
The alphabet 'A' on a white background showing the design, color scheme, and font usage for 'Mobile app feedback form' form
  • Light theme
  • Antic and Helvetica
  • White background

Multi-step layout

This survey uses a multi-step layout to ask the questions. The survey is spread out over the following steps:

  1. Behaviour

  2. Rating

  3. Suggestions

Timeseries rating analysis

Feedback forms are incomplete without having a proper way to analyze the feedback. With rating analysis you can see a breakdown of the rating scores, the average for a period, as well as changes over a period of time.

Timeseries chart showing the rating distribution, average rating for each month, and a trend line for the field 'Reliability'
Timeseries rating analysis

Engagement and drop-off analysis

Step engagement analysis helps app developers see how users interact with each part of the feedback form. It shows how much time users spend on each question and where they drop off. This helps developers pinpoint problem areas, improve form flow, and increase completion rates.

Engagement analysis for 'Mobile app feedback form' showing the time spent on each form step, and the drop-off rate
Step engagement and drop-off analysis

Common questions

Can I customize the fields in this template?

Yes, you can customize all the fields in this form template. You can add new fields, remove existing ones, or modify the field labels and options to fit your specific needs.

Is the template responsive?

Yes, this template is fully responsive, meaning it will look good and work well on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Your users can fill out the form on any device they prefer.

Can I see the responses in real-time?

Yes, with Formcrafts, you can view responses in real-time. You will be notified as soon as a user submits feedback, and you can monitor all the responses through the Formcrafts dashboard.

Can I export the feedback data?

Yes, you can export the feedback data to various formats like CSV or Excel. This is useful if you need to analyze the data offline or share it with team members who use different applications.

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