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Lead generation form template

Salesforce form template

  • Create a new Lead record in Salesforce
  • Use icons in the checkbox field
  • Map form fields to the Salesforce record
Use this template

What makes this a good lead generation form template?

At FormCrafts we spend a lot of time designing and improving each of our templates. This lead generation template is no different. Overtime we realized that the best converting lead generation forms are ones that look simple, and truly blend in with your landing page.

Here are some things that make this template a good choice:

  1. Simple, minimal design
  2. Multi-column layout
  3. Use of images in the checkbox field
  4. Autocomplete / searchable dropdown field
  5. Responsive on all devices

How to improve this template even further?

FormCrafts offers a lot of other functionality which can be used to increase your conversion rates even more for this form:

  1. Conditional logic
  2. Multi-step forms (specially ones with a cover-page)
  3. Different color schemes
  4. Custom domains for hosting forms (museum.formcrafts.com/my-form)
  5. Personalized thank you message

Integrations with popular marketing platforms

On its own a lead generation form isn't enough. Most of our customers like to pool their leads into a centralized software, which is usually a marketing software or a CRM platform. FormCrafts integrates with some of the most popular platforms out there:

  1. Salesforce

    FormCrafts is an official Salesforce AppExchange partner. This lead generation template allows you to create a new lead or contact within Salesforce. Our Salesforce integration comes with a host of other features like dynamic picklists, form prefill, updating related records, etc ...

  2. HubSpot

    You can turn form responses into new leads or contacts in HubSpot. Learn more about our HubSpot integration.

  3. Pipedrive

    You can turn form responses into new leads Pipedrive. Learn more about our Pipedrive integration.

  4. Zoho CRM

    You can turn form responses into new leads in Zoho CRM. FormCrafts also allows you to create other records like contacts, account, activity, etc ...