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Course evaluation form

Comprehensive course evaluation form to gather student feedback. Collect personal details, rate course experiences, and assess material quality. Gain insights on teaching effectiveness, flexibility, motivations, and future preferences.

  • Ultra-minimal design
  • Multi-step layout
13 fields
5 steps
Welcome step of 'Course evaluation form' with introduction text, and a 'Start' button
The alphabet 'A' on a white background showing the design, color scheme, and font usage for 'Course evaluation form' form
  • Light theme
  • Alata and Helvetica
  • White background

Multi-step layout

Long forms (such as evaluation forms) should be broken down into different steps to make it easier for visitors to enter information. This helps with conversion, and makes for a better user-experience. This form has the following steps:

  1. Personal Details

    Get students' personal information, including which city they participated in.

  2. Course experience

    Ask questions about the course, including favourite aspects and challenging parts.

  3. Course ratings

    Get feedback ratings for different aspects

  4. Recommendation

    Ask students for future recommendations

  5. Motivation

    Lastly, inquire about their motivation

Rating analysis

Rating insights help understand respondent behaviour. In the evaluation form, you can track how students rate their overall experience, and how this changes over time. This information aids instructors or course coordinators in identifying trends. If they make changes to the course they can see the impact on the trend-line.

Timeseries chart showing the rating distribution, average rating for each month, and a trend line for the field 'Overall experience'
Timeseries rating analysis

Form engagement and drop-off report

Engagement analysis helps educators optimize the evaluation form. By seeing where students spend time and where they drop off, educators can simplify or improve steps. This ensures more students complete the form, giving better feedback on what works and what needs improvement in their courses.

Engagement analysis for 'Course evaluation form' showing the time spent on each form step, and the drop-off rate
Step engagement and drop-off analysis

Common questions

Can I customize the fields in this template?

Yes, you can easily customize the fields in this Course Evaluation Form template. You can add or remove questions, change the types of questions, or adjust the order of the questions to fit your specific needs.

How can I share this form with my students?

You can share this form by sending a direct link to your students, embedding it on a website, or sharing it via email or social media. There are many ways to make sure your students can easily access and fill out the form.

Can I see the responses in real time?

Yes, you can monitor the responses in real time through the Formcrafts dashboard. This allows you to quickly see feedback as it comes in and make any necessary adjustments to your course.

How do I analyze the feedback collected from the form?

The Formcrafts platform offers tools to help you analyze the feedback. You can view responses in graphs, charts, and tables, and even export the data to a spreadsheet for further analysis. Formcrafts also allows you to track the rating changes over a period of time.

Do students need to sign up to fill out the form?

No, students do not need to sign up for an account to fill out the course evaluation form. They can simply access the form through the link you provide and submit their responses.

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