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Zendesk forms for a lifestyle company

Who is Barry’s?

Barry’s Bootcamp is the global destination to get the best workout of your life. They created the original HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workout, which has become increasingly popular over the years. With fitness centers located across the United States and around the globe, Barry’s Bootcamp is committed to providing their clients with the ultimate workout experience.

How did Barry’s find Formcrafts?

Prior to using Formcrafts, Barry’s Bootcamp utilized Gravity Forms on their website, as it was added by their web developer. However, they ran into several limitations with the tool, such as an inability to create a form with all the necessary conditions and dropdown menus they desired. The forms ended up looking messy and unprofessional. As a result, they began to research other form builders that could integrate with Zendesk and eventually discovered Formcrafts.

How Barry’s uses Formcrafts to build Zendesk forms

Formcrafts has been a game-changer for Barry’s Bootcamp. They now use Formcrafts forms on their website’s “Contact Us” page to route inquiries effectively. Inquiries from the United States are sent to Zendesk, while international inquiries are emailed to their respective Barry’s studios in each country.

The dynamic nature of Formcrafts has allowed them to create a more organized and professional-looking form. Although the process of understanding the Formcrafts and Zendesk platforms took some time, Formcrafts has proven to be user-friendly and has resolved all the limitations they experienced with Gravity Forms, specially the conditional logic module provided by Formcrafts which is used extensively in the forms.

Building a Better Experience for Non-Technical Users

Barry’s Bootcamp has found Formcrafts to be an excellent solution for their needs, even without a web design or development background. The team at Formcrafts is always eager to hear product suggestions and improve the platform, making it even more accessible and user-friendly for non-technical users.