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Use Formcrafts to create Salesforce forms that can create, or update Salesforce records. Your forms can also pull data from Salesforce and pre-fill fields, or create dynamic picklists.


Record manipulation

You can create Salesforce forms in FormCrafts that will create new records in Salesforce, or update existing records. You can also create and update related records.

Form pre-filling

You can pre-fill Salesforce forms fields with data from Salesforce. For example, you can pre-fill a form with the details of a contact, or an account.

Dynamic picklists

You can create dynamic picklists in your forms, that will pull data from Salesforce. For example, you can create a picklist that will show all the accounts in Salesforce.


  1. Create a record in Salesforce

  2. Create dynamic picklists

  3. Generate PDFs

  4. Prefill a form with Salesforce data

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