We will create a quiz with 5 questions, including a picture question. We will show our user their score on submit, and also a personalized message based on their score.

1. Create a form and add fields

On your FormCrafts dashboard click on New form → Blank form.

On the form edit page add a checkbox field, via Add Field → Basic → Checkbox.
math quiz first field
We put our question in the label column, "Which number comes next in the series: 32, 29, 25, 20, 14". Under the Options list we type in

The number to the left of == denotes the score or value. Since the correct answer is 7, it has a score of 1. The score can be any number, so you can have questions with negative scores, or weighted scores.

2. Adding an image selection field

We will use the above format to create a couple more text questions. Then we add a page break via Add Fields → Basic → Page Break.

On page we add another checkbox field and use the label, "Which of these is not a famous mathematician?"
Under Options List we will use the format:
score==label==image URL

The URL we enter after the second == becomes the image for that particular option

math quiz image question
Math quiz: image selection question

3. Using hidden fields

Now add 2 hidden fields via Add Field → Others → Hidden. Label the first one Score and second one Message. Under value we will use a math formula to calculate the sum of our 5 question fields based on their field ID.
hidden field math quiz score

In this step we will learn how to use conditional logic to show a customized message based on their score.

Open the Conditional Logic sidebar and set three logic steps as follows:

If Score is less than 3 THEN set value field19: Next Time
If Score is more than 2 THEN set value field19: You are good at math
If Score is 5 THEN set value field19: You are a genius
math quiz conditional logic
Note, field19 is the field ID of the second hidden field we added above, labelled Message

Almost there. Now we will set our success message under Settings → General → Form Success Message.

This message includes our score (Score) from the first hidden field, and the message (Message) from the second hidden field.
math quiz success message