FormCrafts has support for using tax rates. You can use this feature to add taxes to your subscriptions. This feature is only available for subscription-type forms at the moment.

First, ensure you have a subscription form ready using our tutorial here.

1. Configure tax rates in Stripe

Go to your Stripe dashboard and configure tax rates. This can be done under Products -> Tax Rates.

For this test we have configured two rates, a 13% GST for Ontario (Canada) and a 5% GST for BC (Canada).

Tax rates in Stripe

2. Use tax rates in your form

Example one: Uniform tax rate

Say, we only supply in Ontario and levy a flat 13% on all subscriptions. In this case we will copy that Tax Rate ID and paste it under Tax Rate ID(s) when editing the Stripe field:

Stripe uniform tax rate

Example two: Dynamic tax rate

Say, we will levy the tax based on the user-selected province. Add a dropdown field to the form and label it Province. Use Autofill -> Stripe -> Tax Rates to automatically add our tax rates as options for this field.

You can add / remove these options. If you want to manually add tax rates, use this format for each option line:

Tax Rate ID==Description

You can add the first option line as


If the user selects this option we won't levy a tax (since there is no string before == which means a null tax ID).

With this field we are giving the user three options. The first option contains no tax rate ID which means they won't be taxed. The other two selections contain a tax ID so they would be taxed based on that tax ID.

Lastly, we need to link this Province field to our Stripe field. Note the field ID for this field - field49. Now edit the Stripe field and use [field49] under Tax Rate ID(s).

Stripe dynamic tax rates