Missing Zendesk Fields

Sometimes mapped fields fail to show up on your Zendesk ticket. The fields usually affected are dropdown, checkbox, or multi choice fields.

Let's see how to fix that.

Step 1

On your Zendesk dashboard click on the Settings menu item, on the left-hand bar. Go to Tickets Fields under Manage. Now add a field that is either a dropdown or a multi-select field.

Let us name this field What's the Issue? Under Field Values you can see a list of possible options. Click on Show Tags.

In our first option, the field text is New Purchases, and the corresponding tag is new_purchases.

Step 2

Now head to the form edit page on formcrafts.com. We create a checkbox field labelled What's the Issue? with 3 options, as follows:

Note under Options List our first option item is:

new_purchases==New Purchases

FormCrafts read this as: the value / tag for this option item is new_purchases, whereas the text is New Purchases.

We need the value / tag in FormCrafts to match the tag in Zendesk.

Lastly, when we map the field on the Addons panel, we use:

[What's the Issue?.value]

As in this image:

If your tickets are not making into Zendesk for some reason you can view the error logs.