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Adding a ShowCase Field

showcase field

The Showcase field makes a great addition to your form, specially for order forms.

If you were making a t-shirt order form you would have a dropdown field with three options:

  • Plain White Shirt - $8
  • Dark Orange Shirt - $11
  • Green Shirt With Logo - $15

In this case, you can use a showcase field instead. Showcase field allows you to add images to each option, and allows your users to easily scroll through the options. Your own mini e-com store.

Adding Options / Items


You can add / remove the options in the Options tab. Each line here makes up one item. Let us take option line #2 here:

11==Dark Orange - $11==

The == sign here is the separator. It divides our option line into three parts:

  1. 11 : The value assigned to the option. If you are using the field in an order form, you would assign a numeric value here. When the user submits the form, this is the value assigned to this field.
  2. Dark Orange - $11 : This is what the user sees below the image. It is just a label.
  3. : This is the image used for the option display.