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Personal tour booking form

Form template to collect tour booking details: name, contact info, number of people, tour type, preferred date, special requirements, and language preference.

  • Minimal design
8 fields
'Personal tour booking form' form with various input fields and a submit button
The alphabet 'A' on a image background showing the design, color scheme, and font usage for 'Personal tour booking form' form
  • Light theme
  • Inter Tight and Helvetica
  • Image background

Field insights

Analyzing field responses helps improve services. For instance, observing language preferences in a personal tour booking form helps tour organizers tailor guides and materials in the most requested languages.

Horizontal bar chart showing the distribution of responses for the dropdown field 'What is you preferred language?'
Field analysis

Common questions

Can I customize the fields in this template?

Yes, you can easily customize any of the fields in this template to better fit your needs. You can change the labels, add new fields, remove existing ones, and modify options in drop-down menus and multiple-choice questions.

Can I add or remove pages in the form?

Yes, you can add more pages if your form needs additional sections or remove pages if you want to keep it simple. Just go to the form editor and manage the pages according to your requirements.

Is it possible to receive notifications when a form is submitted?

Yes, you can configure the form to send email notifications to you and your team whenever a form is submitted. Go to the notification settings of your form to set this up.

How do I handle multiple choice questions with many options?

For fields like 'How many people would be on the tour?' and 'Select your type,' you can add as many options as you need. If you have a lengthy list, consider using the Dropdown field type for a cleaner look.

Can I convert this form into other languages?

Yes, you can create copies of this form and translate them into other languages. Each copy can be customized to fit the preferences and language of different audiences.
Template created on Feb 18, 2024 10:30 AM and last updated on Jul 11, 2024 5:17 PM