Is this the Start or End of your shift?
What equipment are you bringing out today?
Bubble Check
Laster Tag Check
Hamsterball check
Arrow Tag Check
Nerf Check
Spyra Check
Foam Checklist
Lawn Game Checklist
Hoverball Checklist
Velcro Dart Board Checklist

!!Check Gas Level In Generator!!

!!Bring Black Play Area Sign!!

Don't forget to lock the pod/van/shed, even if you aren't the last mobile

Take a picture of your mileage if you are driving your personal vehicle !!

Grab any food/water you may need for your adventure!

What chain were you on?
How did the event go?
Was there any equipment broken?
Was there any lost equipment?
Did you post your setup picture in the discord?

!Don't Forget to log your mileage!

!Put any broken equipment in the back cubby of the pod!

Don't forget to lock the pod, even if you arent the last mobile!

If you had the van, please clean out any belongings/trash leftover. Thanks!

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