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4. Where do you use our products?
5. What types of your input devices are?
6. How many input devices you have?
7. How many monitors you have?
8. What operating systems are your input devices?
9. What type of work are your computers mainly used for?
10. Which of the following devices will you plug into the USB port on the product?
3. Where Did You Buy It?
The registration extension warranty program is available for customers in the U.S. and EU who order from websites or Amazon stores operated by TESmart brand.
4. Upload Proof of Purchase* (PDF, JPG)
Screenshot of order or receipt. A valid proof of purchase must show seller information, product description, order time and price.
5. Upload Images of the Environment You Work with TESmart Products
Please share photos/videos of your computers and monitors in daily use, showing the best side of your desktop. By submitting, you agree that your images may be featured on our website with privacy respected.
The images below are for reference only.
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Example 1
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Example 2
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