Daycare for Futuristic Pets

Our holistic daycare curriculum starts from 8-10am and ends at 6-730pm. Your furbaby will leave daycare everyday feeling satiated & happy 😌

Here's a look at our daily curriculum:

8-10am: Check-in & Socialisation
10-11am: Daily Special
11-12pm: Lunch/Snack
12-2pm : Rest Time
2-4pm: Fitness / Fun & Games
4-5pm : Outdoor Walk
5-6pm: ASMR Experience
6-730pm: Check Out
  1. Pricing
Smaller Breed (1-7kg): RP$55/day
Smaller Breed (7-15kg): RP$60/day
Larger Breed (15-20kg): RP$70/day
Larger Breed (20-25kg): RP$75/day
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1-way: $30
2-way: $50

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We just need your personal details and we are good to go!

Limited Time Promo - $10+ off Spa Services only for you!

Have your furbaby come home to you smelling nice & fresh! For a limited time only until 31st March 2024, your furbaby gets $10 off basic futuristic spa experience when they come to us for Daycare**.
Sign your furbaby up for a futuristic spa experience and get >$10 off!
Smaller Breeds (<7kg): $65
Smaller Breeds (7-15kg): $75
Larger Breeds (15-20kg): $85
Larger Breeds (20-25kg): $100

NAILS: Clipping & trimming of nails.
PAWS: Shaving of under-paw (pads)
EARS: Cleaning of ear & fur plucking
UNDERBELLY: Shaving of belly & sanitary area
BATH: Shower & blow-dry

*Duration: 60 mins

*add $10+ for de-shedding depending on the thickness of your dog’s coat.
*additional charges apply for de-matting fur and de-ticking.

**this promo applies only for the basic & advanced spa experiences and does not apply to a la carte items.
**the discount will be deducted from the original price, and you'll get additional 5-20% off as well depending on your membership level!
**discount only applies for same day services, applicable for sessions until 29 Feb only.
**ask our staff for additional add-on hidden promos! ;-)
Try our signature add ons:
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $20
Larger Breed (15+kg): $30
This treatment is great for our flat-faced furry friends! Their smooshy faces and wrinkles are deeply cleansed with a gentle wash & rub, followed by a soothing balm on their skin and their noses 🥟.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $10
Larger Breed (15+kg): $20
Good paws will take you to good places. Paws are soaked and deeply cleansed followed by a nice relaxing massage and moisturising paw cream applied 🐾.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $30
Larger Breed (15+kg): $40
Great for sensitive skin conditions, this ozone spa treatment couples with high CO2 concentrate tablets to soak and rinse off the baddies hiding in your furkid's body and re-oxygenate their skin 🛁.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $20
Larger Breed (15+kg): $30
So good you would want it for yourself - this tensions release massage is targeted at sore joints and stressed out muscles. And would leave your furkid super relaxed and recharged 😴.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $30
Larger Breed (15+kg): $40
The name says it all. Our refreshing mud mask helps to release dead coat and skin for short-haired dogs, leaving their coat soft and shiny 🫧.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $15
Larger Breed (15+kg): $20
Regular anal gland expression helps to remove toxin build-up in your furkid's anal gland and promotes better bowel movement 🍑.
Smaller Breed (1-15kg): $10
Larger Breed (15+kg): $15
Your furkid will love you for making them 1000x more smooch-worthy after our teeth brushing session 😘.