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Your personalized sleeves are a work of art, we just framed it! Well, that's partially true. We also always utilize frames on all our Brushed Art sleeves. But you never know... the forge dragons are always tinkering with the sleeves to improve them - they may switch it up some day.
The D could stand for Dragon Shield. Or it could stand for Definitely, as your customized sleeves are definitely going to be identical to each other. In order to ensure complete precision, our printers use the symbol to create the most top-notch sleeves for you.
Customized sleeves are available as Brushed Art. But keep an eye on our social media. You never know what is coming up in our Dragons forge next.
You can upload your original artwork or photos to create your customized sleeves.
Our forge is a space for creating personalized sleeves suitable to the community and the game we all love to play.
All sleeves must be PG-13, and we reserve the right to refuse to print sleeves that violate copyrights.
Of course! Our Sleeve Crafter sleeves have the same texture and quality as our Brushed Art sleeves.
On Brushed Art sleeves, your artwork or photo is printed directly onto the sleeve so they do not peel or split.
The sleeves have a lightly textured back, ensuring a smooth shuffle experience.
Our Dragons like to innovate and we are always looking to bring new and exciting new products. There is always the possibility that retired sleeves may comeback in the future.
Check out our expected delivery times here: Shipping & Delivery (dragonshield.com)
We are able to change your order until it is ready to be shipped. Once in the air, it is impossible to retreive a package from our dragons!
We are sorry to hear you would like to cancel/return your order. You can find the full details on our refund and cancellation policy here: Cancel & Returns (dragonshield.com)
We're sorry to hear the dragons may have misplaced something in-fight. Please let us know what is missing:
We support the following payment methods:
Stripe, PayPal, Link.
Should you experience an issue with one payment method, consider using an alternative.
I have checked with
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Where are you located?
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If you have a faulty product, please fill out the form and tell us more about the issue.
Make sure you have photo documentation of the issue and your receipt or other proof of purchase ready. If the form is incomplete, we may not be able to help solve the issue.
If you represent a shop or other vendor, please get in touch with your distributor instead of filling out this form. They will assist you with any issues.
If you represent a distributor, please reach out to your sales representative at Arcane Tinmen instead of filling out this form. They will assist you with any issues.
If you are a customer please let us know the details in our Quality Form
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Let us know below how we can improve!
If you have any issue logging in in our apps, please try to log in here: Dragon Shield.
You can also reset your password at Dragon Shield.
If you are still experiencing difficulties, let us know below.
We have two subscription options: monthly and annual, and a 1 month free trial so you can test all our premium features!
If you would like to cancel your subscription, please follow the instructions from:
Let us know below for any other questions regarding your subscription.
Our aim is to make all cards available before their official release. Sometimes we may take longer to make them available. Once they are ready, you will be prompted to update your app. If you notice a specific card is missing, please let us know below, and, if possible, include a picture of the card.
Card Manager is a series of TCG-specific apps created to help players play, connect, share, and trade. The Digital Card Manager apps include: Magic the Gathering (MTG), Flesh and Blood (FaB), Pokémon (Poke TCG), and Yu-Gi-Oh! (YGO).
Yes, the Card Manager apps are free to download and use. There are some in-app purchases for special features.
You can find the Card Manager apps in Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (iOS). The apps are also available for tablets. 
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Please be advised that in order to become a distributor of Arcane Tinmen, you will need to be part of the hobby/trading card game industry.
Which trading card games do you currently distribute?
Select all that apply
For this area, you will need to be able to acquire a minimum of 500k USD of Arcane Tinmen products on an annual basis.
For this area, you will need to be able to acquire a minimum of 250K USD of Arcane Tinmen products on an annual basis.
We're happy to hear you would like to join our Merchant's Guild.
We are currently restructuring the program and new applications will be processed as quickly as possible, but may take 2-4 months, as we will find the right Trade Marketeer to guide you through the world of Merchant's Guild.
Please let us know the country you are in and your current distributor below.
You can find our list of distributors below
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Please let us know more details below
Thank you for your interest in working with us.
Please attach your CV and add any additional information below.
If you are an artist, please share your portfolio.
We will keep your application for future openings.
You can find the positions for which we are currently hiring here at:
Resumé (CV)
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To ensure a timely response, please make sure your request isn't related to other categories.
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