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We are sorry that you have received an order that is damaged, damaged or incomplete.

In order to help you as quickly as possible, we ask you to add a clear description + photos of the damage/problem.
Guidelines to process your request faster: Take a close-up photo of each damaged part and a photo from 1-3 meters away.

If the package is damaged, please take a close-up photo and a photo from 1-3 meters away.

If any parts are missing, please mark the missing parts in the owner's manual and send us a photo.
To help you, please register the item you want to return via our returns page. You can find this page here: NADUVI return page . If you are unable to complete the application, please continue and submit this form. Important: Our team will first check whether you can register the return. If that is possible, we will resend you the link to our returns page.
Have you already tried to register your return?
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Can i cancel my order?

While we will do our best to assist you, it is important to note that only orders still processing in the warehouse can be canceled. Our team will review the request and inform you by email about the status of your request.
Important: Made to Order items cannot be canceled once production has started.
Invoice required

Looking for your invoice?

You can view the invoice for your order in your account. Log in to your account (or create a new account if you don't have one yet) and click on 'Orders'. With each order you can click on 'Receive invoice' to download the relevant invoice.
Go to our returns page:

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