Monthly Building Inspection

Cabinetsmith Monthly Checks


Vertical C.N.C

Table Saw

Panel Saw

Mitre Saw

Dynma Clamp


Vaccuum Lift

Poly Shop

Drill Press

Rotary Clamp



Flatline Clamp

Table Saw

Upcut Saw


J&P 1


Mini Press 1

Mini Drill 1

Tandem Drill

Mini Drill 2

Mini Press 2




Dowel Machine

Table Saw

Vanity Line



Lift Assist

Please indicate if any machines require lock out/tag out.

Please report any deficiencies to Cabinetsmith's Manager and Maintenance.

The Point of Operation

1) Is there a point of operation safeguard provided for the machine?
2) Does it keep the operator's hands, fingers and body out of the danger area?
3) Is there evidence that the safeguards have been tampered with or removed?
4) Could you suggest a more practical, effective safeguard?
5) Could changes be made on the machine to eliminate the point of operation hazard entirely?

Power Transmission Apparatus

1) Are there any unguarded gears, sprockets, pulleys, or fly wheels on the apparatus?
2) Are there any exposed belts or chain drivers?
3) Are there any exposed belt screws, key ways or collars?
4) Are starting and stopping controls within easy reach of the operator?
5) If there is more than one operator, are separate controls provided?

Other Moving Parts

1) Are safeguards provided for all hazardous moving parts of the machine, including auxiliary parts?

Non-Mechanical Hazards

1a) Have appropriate measures been taken to safeguard workers against noise hazard?
1b) Have headphones or ear plugs been provided?
2) Have special guards, enclosures or personal protective equipment been provided, where necessary, to protect workers from exposure to harmful substances used in machine operation?

Electrical Hazards

1) Is the machine installed in accordance with appropriate standard and codes?
2) Are there loose conduit fittings?
3) Is the machine properly grounded?
4) Is the power supply correctly fused and protected?
5) Do workers occasionally receive minor shocks while operating any of the machines?


1) Are there any new employees in the department, if so have they received adequate training?

Protective Equipment and Proper Clothing

1) Is protective equipment required?
2) Have operators and mainenance workers been trained in where the safeguards are located, how they provide protection and what hazards they protect against?
3) Is the operator dressed safely for the job (that is no loose fitting clothing or jewelry)?

Machinery Maintenance and Repair

1) Have maintenance workers received up to date instruction on the machinery they service?
2) Do maintenance workers/supervisors lock out the machine from its power sources before beginning repairs?

Other Items to Check

1) Are emergency stop buttons, wires or bars provided?
2) Are the emergency stops clearly marked and painted red?

Should you note any discrepancies or deficiencies please note and forward required repairs or modifications to maintenance via FreshDesk.